Un libro abierto con las hojas sujetas con alfileres a modo de autopsia.


The book as a living object. It can be studied, analysed or dissected to try to understand them. Them or their works.

Flor con abejas como pétalos, algunas caídas, y al fondo, flores marchitas.

There are no more bees

There are no more bees The whole planet is changing rapidly and radically. Global warming has made summers in Spain five weeks longer than they were forty years ago. And insects are becoming extinct en masse with consequences we do not yet know. "The case of bees, one of the most studied, is the one that most worries scientists because of their essential role in the life cycle. " Based on the article "Ya no hay abejas, solo verano" by Guillermo Altares for El País.

Libro en vertical abierto del que salen, recortados, tres personajes.

World Theatre Day

World Theatre Day The written characters come to life through actors and actresses who lend them their bodies and voices. World Theatre Day has been celebrated every 27 March since 1961.

Piano rojo con forma de corazón y músico con los brazos en alto listo para tocar.

Love for music

Love for music A suggestion from the piano itself.

Cartel homenaje a Nekrassov, un montaje del Teatro de La Abadía


Nekrassov Jean-Paul Sartre only wrote one comedy in his life In the 2018-2019 season of the Teatro de La Abadía he recovered it and performed it for the first time in Spain, creating a frenetic and hilarious work that is both profound and topical. It was directed by Dan Jemmett and starred José Luis Alcobendas, Ernesto Arias, Carmen Bécares, Miguel Cubero, Palmira Ferrer, Clemente García and David Luque.

Sombrilla vista desde arriba con manecillas que van cerrando y ocultando un copo de nieve.

Climate change

Global warming is causing longer and more extreme summers. Time is running out and we must act and take effective measures against it as soon as possible.

Un libro negro con forma de piano y marcadores de página imitando las teclas.


Notes How do musicologists mark their books?

Una grúa coloca un panel del muro de Trump con forma de gráfica.

The only emergency at the border is Trump

The only emergency at the border is Trump Data and statistics don't matter, they can be made up to justify any political action. Based on the article "The only emergency on the border is Trump" by Pablo Ximénez de Sandoval for El País.

Caricatrura de Manuel Azaña jugando al ajedrez sólo contra alfiles.

Manuel Azaña

Manuel Azaña Manuel Azaña fue presidente de la II República española entre los años 1936 y 1939. El Foro del Henares organiza en Alcalá de Henares (lugar de nacimiento de Azaña) desde hace una década unas jornadas para conocer su vida y obra.

On the road

Have you ever seen a skunk on a bicycle? And a Egyptian vulture driving a car? Find out where they are going, imagine where they are coming from, play with the sounds of the different means of locomotion and discover all the fun that can fit in a book. THE JOURNEY BEGINS! CHOO CHOO CHOO! Children's story written by NiñoCactus and published by Narval Editores.

Collective effort

With collective effort, the sum of strength and will, we can overcome all the challenges that lie ahead. See the original article

A drawing a day

Yes, I also did a personal project during the 2020 confinement. One drawing per day (I reached a hundred) of which I show here a selection.